Wanting another baby 👶

I miss pregnancy even though mine was horrible with my son&daughter they are almost 4 months I miss the kicks just everything about pregnancy me and my husband aren't ttc but we aren't opposed to it I want them close in age but not yet my husband works doubles and works long hours (he has a demanding job) I work as well and go to School and take care of our littles 99% of the time by myself sometimes grandmother will take them so I can study or go to work .... is having baby fever almost 4 months postpartum normal or just in general normal? I'm NOT on any birth control as I just don't want to be bad side effects and for y'all that will be nosey and ask no we don't use condoms as we're married! With my son/daughters pregnancy it only took a month or so of trying I just worry because I'm young enough and obviously fertile and my husband is older than me -which is completely fine- I just know sperm count can go down after a certain age!

Please be nice when giving advice as *words hurt* but is wanting another baby so close in age normal we have 2 beautiful babies 💕