Fake service dogs!!

I get so sick of people pretending their dog is a service dog. Do people that do that not see it simply not care that they ruin it for people like me that actually need a service dog?! You can’t just randomly call your completely untrained service dog a service dog and expect all the same rights as one. Service dogs need tons and tons of very strict training and have to be able to preform tasks. Just because your dog comforts you doesn’t mean it’s a service dog. That’s an emotional support animal and it’s not the same. My friend thinks she can just call her dog her service dog when the dog isn’t even fully house broken. That’s a huge part of being a service dog! She thinks since her dog got taken to the pound for getting loose and getting picked up by the dog catcher that she should get her back free. No, even if a real service dog gets loose and picked up you still have to pay the fine. People don’t want to believe service dogs when we bring them in to public places because people just want to take their pets places. It’s so freaking frustrating. If you want a service dog then you can spend the countless hours of training and dollars I and everyone else with a true service dog has to have the rights to take your pet with you like you want.