Did I respond wrong Pt 3

Sorry for the different posts but I just want to keep you ladies updated. Thank you once again for all the support I needed it ❤️

For those who aren’t up to date I’m just going to post the screenshots:

For the past three months I began eating drywall. I didn’t know why and everytime I tried to stop my body would feel like it needed it. Well I confided in my psychology teacher and let her know what’s going on because that’s my major. She said that eating inedible objects is due to me trying to cope with the situation. She put me in touch with the campus therapist. I was diagnosed with anxiety as well as ocd. All three of us have worked together to come up with a plan to tackle these disorders together.

Also I should add I found a overnight nanny job which should help with my bills and finances thankfully.

If you made it this far, thank you so much for caring. I really do appreciate it. I’ll keep you all updated if anything else happens ❤️