Anna • IG: mrs.moses_ Married 💍 to my best friend. Foodie Lover, Mother to 2 of my pride and joys, missing my 2 forever 👼🏾👼🏾 in heaven, carrying our rainbow 🌈 baby Micah Xavier Moses May 2019.

Me and my husband are really considering buying a home and becoming homeowners. From apartments to living with family . Staying in shelters we have an apartment now but we have a growing family and my two oldest kids need their own space (especially my daughter). Besides getting credit and down payment in order what other steps is there? We live in the city and we always dreamed of a house down south somewhere so that the kids have room and space to grow.

For those moms who are homeowners was the process a blessing or a headache? Did you regret it? Where did you start?

Thank You

Ps we live in NYC so rent here is freakin unbelievable