wow i can’t believe this..

So my boyfriend and i were just laying here and we started playing around and we we’re both laughing. I was laying on his arm because that’s how we sleep every night and he started joking and rolled over. I grabbed his arm and we started laughing and joking and he started punching my hand in a soft, playful way (both laughing). Then he starts telling me to stop because he wants to sleep and i kind of moved over (still grabbing his arm) and not even 10 seconds later he starts punching me with tons of force. He punched my leg really hard and i started crying and could barley breathe because it hurt so bad. He was like Are you okay? I was punching you like i was punching you hand, i just hit you in a tender spot. And i couldn’t say anything because i was crying so he just laid

there and fell asleep. I turned my flashlight on to look at my leg and it was already turning purple and he seen the flash and was like “What’s wrong with you?” And started yelling and cussing about how i was crying so loud and he didn’t want his family to hear and that he wasn’t going to say sorry or comfort me because i shouldn’t have been playing around in the first place and how childish i am. I feel like he doesn’t love me or care about me. I feel like he just keeps me here and is in a relationship with me because without me he’s lonely.