HELP hospital visitor advice

Okay so my sister, mom, and grandma all have/had bed bugs this year. My mom never did anything to take care of them she only moved. My sister only got sprayed for them once now. My grandma supposedly has gotten sprayed for them 6 times. My sister let's her kids go to and from their houses quite often. Yesterday my cousin brought up that if any of them will be coming to visit us after my baby is born next Tuesday (scheduled c section) that she will have to leave because she doesn't want there to be any possibility of getting the bugs. To which I started thinking that if they come and bring them to me not only my hospital room will have them but they could potentially follow me home. I asked my family who has the bugs not to come to the hospital to meet the new baby. It basically started works war 3. I feel like I'm doing what's right for me and my family seeing as we obviously don't have the money to get out house exterminated since I'll be on leave from work until February. Please help I feel like the world's worst person 😔