Break up blues.

How do y’all cope with losing who you thought - and still do think - is your soul mate? I gave up my house and friends for him and he just upped and left because he can’t handle me having two children from a previous relationship. We also have a baby together. We were together for just over two years and were planning our wedding and I’ve never had a relationship like that before. I was so happy with him. How do I get over him leaving? I feel like I’m doing better and then things happen and I crash again. I’m going to be homeless next year because I can no longer work as a single mum with no childcare, and I cannot afford my tenancy. I’ve had to stop learning to drive (late I know) because I can’t afford it. I’ll probably have to move my babies schools AGAIN. I have no one. I’ve lost my best friend and I miss him every day. What makes it worse is he admits he still loves me, he just can’t be with me. I am at a total loss. I haven’t laughed since he left 2 months ago. People keep telling me “well he left and is leaving you homeless so you shouldnt be sad, he’s an ass” but I AM sad. I miss him every day. When the sunset is pretty and I think he’d like it. When it’s time for him to arrive home from work and we’d spend ten minutes having a sneaky cuddle in the kitchen. When I damn see matching dressing gowns that I want to buy for him and his so. (Also from previous relationship) I just miss him all the time.

How am I supposed to better my life now? I’ll be 25 with 3 kids no job and living in a council house (hopefully - if I get one) and claiming welfare/benefits. Whose going to want to be with someone like that!