When did you tell your family?


I’m sorry but I just can’t keep a secret! I’m 4 weeks and 2 days pregnant with my first baby. Sooo not far at all. I’ve tested every day for a week, great line progression, no spotting, great family history of pregnancies.. This weekend I decided to tell all of my CLOSE family and friends (which is still a decent amount of people). Based off of what society says, I have moments where I just feel like an idiot for telling anyone (other than hubby), and that I should have waited longer. But then I got to thinking, this is my circle of people. I would want them there for me through any tough situation, such as my pregnancy not working out. Plus I just knew they would catch on anyways. Especially with me not drinking on the weekend lol!

What are your guys thoughts? Anyone else do the same? Try to make a girl feel better 😅