Wow I am in Still in shock!

Tangina • [Wife 💍 2/27/18] [👼🏾 baby Judah was born 3/9/19] 🌈👩🏾‍🦲💙 Jaaziel 5/16/21

Well I haven’t had a cycle since September I figured it was because I had really bad hormonal imbalances. So I started taking geritol and stopped it was disgusting. Then I brought opks and everyone I took was positive so I thought that was weird and I stopped. By time November came I still haven’t had a cycle. So I started taking VITEX, progesterone cream, and prenatal vitamins. I had taken several pregnancy test before and they were all negative. So I got up Tuesday morning and took a pregnancy test because I felt weird and to my surprise it was a Positive! I am still confused, but God gets all the Glory!