No Baby Shower

I am a first time mom and I do not want a baby shower. Please hear me out before the criticism. This pregnancy has been a big challenge for me and I struggle with my emotions and moods on a daily basis. I am not at all into having a party because of this and because even before I became pregnant, I was never one for being the centre of attention and parties in general give me anxiety. I'm more of a one on one person and even on my birthday I will schedule visits throughout the day with people I love so I can have actual quality time with them. This is way more special to me. We have everything we need for the first few months. We received an abundance of hand me downs from our neighbours. More sleepers and onesies than we need etc etc. There's a few things left to buy but registering for gifts is daunting and makes me incredibly uncomfortable. I hated going to baby showers when I wasn't pregnant so I just can't put my friends through that. The majority and I mean the vast majority except maybe 1 or 2 do not have kids. All for various reasons. So again, why would I put my friends through that? They have presented the idea of a baby shower as their "friend obligation" so I know, deep down, they aren't into it either so again, why torture them and myself? My family do not live in the same province as me so please don't say it's for them too. I also don't live my life for the enjoyment or satisfaction of other people so the excuse to have one to let everyone else celebrate the baby isn't going to work. I would rather, if anything, have a little get together after he is born. But again, would prefer people to come over individually if they want to meet him, bring a gift or not I don't care. Then the attention is on him and not a "cute diaper bag". This baby is ours to finance and care for. I don't care about the gifts. Truly don't care. Now my question is this: when is it safe after the baby is born to have alot of visitors? Some say wait until vaccinations have been done. That's a few months after birth? Thanks.