Should i make her buy me a new coffee pot?

I have this friend who has absolutely no common sense and is very childish. Last week she asks of she can warm up some apple cider in the reservoir part of my coffee pot, and I told her no, nothing but water is supposed to go in there. She doesn’t. But then last night, she decided she wants to make hot chocolate.. guess where she decides to put the milk? IN THE FUCKING RESERVOIR OF MY COFFEE POT!!!

I calmly explain to her why NOTHING BUT WATER can go into the coffee pot and she goes and sulks in another room.

I’m just pissed bc

1. I told her more than once not to do that

2. My coffee pot not smells like something died in it

3. I use that coffee pot pretty much every day

Oh and not to mention, she forgot to turn the coffee pot off while she was cleaning it and it was on all night...

So should I make her but me another one?

Small update:

I tried the vinegar and water thing, ran a few more rounds of water through, and now it smells like ass AND vinegar