Is it rude for a teacher to constantly let her class out late every day?


So my kid's teacher lets her class out 2-10 minutes late EVERY day. After every other teacher in the school has dismissed and the bell has rung I'm still waiting. I explained to her yesterday that I thought it was disrespectful of my time to do that and that I respect her time by making sure my kid is at school on time and prepared in the morning. So today she dismissed the class on time...but my child was nowhere to be seen. I finally went to the office and it turns out the teacher informed my kid that she would get sent to the office every day from now on and wait there for me to pick her up since it was important to me that my child be dismissed in a timely manner. ?!? So...she singled out and punished my kid because I asked her to run on time. It may just be pregnancy hormones but I am pissed. I understand running late now and then but every day is ridiculous which is why I said something. This teacher also takes away lunch and recess time a lot too from the whole class as punishment when some of the students (not all) are being loud. (They only get 2 15 min recess and 15 min for lunch to begin with.) I've spoken with the principal twice and she keeps saying it is all a "misunderstanding."

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