🌸Annie🌸 • #girlmom

This little girl right here...

I have a ten and seven year old (both girls) and swore up and down I was done... our family was complete. My husband desperately wanted a third and after praying, we decided we’d try ONE MONTH. If I got pregnant, it was meant to be. If I didn’t, we’d be content with our duo.

One month came and went.... December 2016. Not pregnant. I was equal parts relieved and sad. But we’d agreed on one cycle, and it didn’t happen. We went about our merry way, content with our girls.

My husband is in the military, so we move a ton. In June of 2017, we were preparing to move from Florida to Texas. Life was hectic, a little chaotic. We got to our new home and settled down. Then, I realized in the midst of the chaos... I hadn’t had a period.

After rushing to the store, a piece of .88 cent plastic told me I was going to be a mom again. I was baffled. We weren’t trying? And when we were trying, it didn’t happen? After the initial shock wore off, I was so happy and excited and thankful.

Aubrie Eloise was born March 11, 2018. She completed our family in a way I didn’t know we needed and she’s our perfect caboose. I’m so grateful that God’s plans were greater than my own. ❤️