REALLY REALLY dark BFP only 8 days dpo??!


Hey all so I just tested positive Yesterday (12/16) the test line immediately showed up on each test I took (5) the moment I perd on it, well before even the control line showed up, and has been consistently darker than the control since yesterday which was 3w6 days. I’ve had two pregnancies, one baby, and with both of them this early on, the test line was always faint. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have ovulated earlier because we’ve only baby danced once like 9 days ago. We’ve been moving and he’s been out of town, so literally one baby dance in probably an entire month because we just haven’t seen one another. So I was passing a dark dark positive maybe 8 or 9 days after ovulation???

Obviously I’ll be checked by my doc but does this mean anything?