Thinking about complaining..


Would you be pissed too?

So when I was having consistent contractions and they were going on for over an hour I wrote a post on march baby board about it. Everyone told me to go in or call l&d. I held off because I knew exactly what l&d was going to tell me. "Drink 3 bottles of water, lay on my left side and if it doesn't stop call back in an hour"

And of course when I called them that is EXACTLY WHAT THEY TOLD ME. I was pissed and I told the lady on the phone. I have drank plenty of water, I have been having consistent contractions (not super painful) for over 1.5-2 hours. I have even timed them and they are on average 6 minutes apart.

She responded." Are you a ftm"

I responded "yes"

She said..

"Unless you are in a lot of pain or your water breaks we are not too worried. If it's still going on in an hour call back ."

I responded "well I live an hour away from the hospital.. I feel like I should come get checked"

She said "try to get some sleep"

That was pretty much the end of our convo.

So I ended up going to a smaller hospital 30 mins away. (Small birthing center, they don't have a NICU etc.) they hooked me up. I was in fact having contractions, took 2 IV bags and a medication to slow them down to less than 4 in an hour. And they were happy I came in because the OB there said I could have been heading into preterm labor but I was having preterm contractions that were starting to radiate into my back.

Well today if my follow up and my original hospital and I am thinking about complaining how the l&d nurse handled my situation. Do you think I should just leave it be or make a fuss about it... I think its ridiculous they wanted me to wait until my water broke or contractions were unbearable meaning I would have probably started the dilated process..she was rude and didn't take me seriously at all. This isn't the first time this has happened either, I have had contraction issues around 23 weeks that raised concern. 😡

As soon as I answer that bitches question "are you a ftm?" all seriousness goes out the window. 😒