I’ve had it with my mother! 🤬🤬

I had an argument about my weight with my mom. Mind you I am 35 weeks pregnant, high risk pregnancy and she gets on me anytime I eat. And it’s not because she cares about my health, it’s solely because of how I look. She keeps saying stuff like ‘I’ve been skinny/slim my whole life, look at you, you’ve gained so much weight, bla bla bla. Listen, when I tell ya’ll I went off. I went off on her. Yelling, screaming and cussing. I’ve had it. We had the same argument in early November and she still at it. I’m soon to be 30, pregnant with my first after years of trying and being told I would need <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IVF</a> to conceive, but God blessed me with a baby girl naturally who’s making her appearance in February and you’re insulting me about my weight, my swollen face, my big nose, etc..? Nah I’m not having it. I went off and I am NOT apologizing. I was so heated that I literally told her if something happens to the baby I’m carrying it’s gonna be on her (because the last time we had the same argument she said if she has a stroke because of the argument I’m gonna be responsible). At this point I don’t give a f**k. She lives out of the country and I can’t wait for her to come back. I’ve had it. Who the hell insults a pregnant woman about her looks? Your own daughter at that!