this is long but I need someone to read

okay everyone.....some family drama for you. I've never been close to my dad. but he has his good moments. when hes sober. hes an amazing cook. hes fun to be around.

2 years ago, my dad was messed up on drugs & alcohol. someone called CPS on him. he has 3 young children. (10,9,8)

the last time I was at his house, it was disgusting and he had people over and they were all doing drugs in the back bedroom.

I was there with my 4 year old daughter. we left as I couldn't believe all of what was happening. I just wanted to get out of there. he lives in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of trailers around. I live in the city, about an hour away.

After not hearing from him for a few weeks, he comes to my work and wants to talk. he tells me someone called cps and he wants me to tell them how good of a dad he is etc.

when they called me, I ignored the call. I didnt know what I was going to say yet. I figured they'd call again. but they never did.

fast forward to present. its been 2 years. I'm 26. married. and I now have a 6 year old daughter and a son on the way. he doesnt know I'm married or expecting.

apparently he lost his job, doesnt have a working vehicle, didnt have a cell phone, now he does. and his ex took the kids and moved 2 hours away. he got in touch with my older sister who lives far away, on Facebook. and shes contacted me to let me know hes alive and that he wants me to call him. he told her that basically hes hurt because no one (including me) came to check on him.

well excuse me. his actions are what kept me away for two fucking years. I dont do drugs. I barely drink. I will not surround myself with anyone who let's drugs control their life. I will not put myself or my family in danger.

I am 7.5 months pregnant. I seriously dont want to be stressed out right now. my husband doesnt want me to be either.

what would you do?

obviously I feel like an asshole for ignoring him now that he's "back." but it's my life. my sanity. let's say I were to drive to his trailor... it's probably disgusting, more so than it was. theres probably mold everywhere, cat piss, etc. he probably looks like absolute hell. I dont see why I should be the bigger person and make up with him.