Who’s at fault?

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So I’ve been following this story since it happened right outside my hometown.

Basically, there were 3 boys in the home, with no adult supervision. An 11 year old and his 14 year old brother, and their 14 year old friend. The boys were wrestling, when the 11 year old went into his father’s room, grabbed the gun, and shot the 14 year old friend. The boy and his brother then planted a knife near the body, called their father and said they shot him because he charged at them with a knife.

The 11 year old is currently in custody, though there hasn’t been information on what he will end up being charged with (personally this sounds like a premeditated murder to me).

But the parents are currently under investigation. It appears the gun was not locked in a safe and was stored loaded (the 11 year old knew how to remove the magazine and turn off the safety before shooting the 14 year old).

Who do you think should be charged, and with what?

Does this warrant life in prison for the 11 year old? Should he be charged as an adult?

Should the brother be charged with anything?

What about the parents? (I personally do think they should be charged for not properly storing the firearm)