If you found out that someone you interact with was part of a lifestyle or culture that you didnt like or agree with, and them being part of it does not effect you, would you still consider ending your interactions with that person?


They could be part of a co-op, a religion, be an advocate for certain political beliefs, be in polyamory or polyfidelity, raise their children genderless, the list goes on.

Bonus question: if you answer yes, what lifestyles/cultures would make you end your interactions with someone, under the same circumstances listed in the title question?

(this is a GENERAL debate and discussion)

The reason that pushed me to ask this question is that I live a BDSM lifestyle, and have a 24/7 D/s relationship. (D/s being a relationship with a dynamic based in dominance and submission). I recently heard from someone else in the lifestyle that they had been cut off by someone who researched and realised what her collar (a necklace of personal significance showing relationship status used in the community) meant, and didn’t want to associate with her anymore. No one is arguing weather people have the right go stop interacting anyone for any reason, I just thought it was an interesting debate to bring up, to see what others thought.

edit: lets assume the lifestyle isn’t hate based or harmful to others.