What to do when the attention is no longer reciprocated?

Been dating this guy for the last 2 months. Things started off hot and heavy. He text all day, every day. I got the good morning texts AND the good night texts. It suddenly died down on his end, like a damn switch got pulled about 3 weeks ago. (He blames it on stress and being busy but he's been on vacay for the holidays so that's bs at this point)

I just feel like I initiate everything at this point. Texts, phone calls, visits, dates, sex. He doesn't seem real excited to see me anymore and he's never initiated PDA ... He's never been cold or rude. Never blown me off. Just no initiation or reassurance and frankly, I'm getting tired of this 1 way of street and feeling like I'm forcing myself on him at this point. I feel like he's seeing other people honestly, but if there is more than me then he's a master manipulator who doesn't sleep. I just don't know. Maybe he's just a stupid guy living in lala land thinking everything is cool.

What would y'all do? How would you handle it? Am I over reacting?

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