In a few short days ( Here we go again )


In 3 days I begin my fertile days. This is when I begin my OPKs and charting. We will not be using the home insemination kit this cycle. Just natural BD.

My last post was me asking about my clomid that was prescribed by a specialist but another told me to avoid it, so I have. This cycle was already too late for me to begin the clomid as they have me set to take on days 3-7 on cycle. I will try it next month. ( Hopefully no side effects ). And hopefully I'm not doing something I shouldn't but HEY one doc said to take it and prescribed it. ( Prayers please )

Last note: Craziest dream last night so vivid in color. I got a positive Pg test and my husband was telling his father with so much excite. I took 3 test to be exact and it was positive. ( The things our minds create ) if I can't ever get pregnant naturally atleast I can dream and feel the emotions! 😂❤

Baby dust and Prayers to you all.