Don’t even know where to begin..


Just frustrated right now.. everything was fine when I left for work this morning but my husband just called me a little bit ago going off/yelling about me “embarrassing” him last night in front of his company (he tattoos and was doing one for a friend’s mom at our house outside the shop). I had worked all day, 7a-7p, hadn’t been home long when they got there around 9, they new this.

Our 6 month old is just getting over RSV and a double ear infection, and when she gets sleepy she gets fussy and all she wants is me. Granted yea I probably should have taken her back to the bedroom and put her to bed, but there was a few people over I don’t necessarily trust, and with where she and I were sitting it was easier just to stay seated and get her settled.

A friend that was there asked if his BM could come get some work done (we don’t like her but whatever) and he agreed cause hey, we need the money. So then the friend leaves, but he told his BM he was leaving so we didn’t figure she would still show up, but she did.

And my husband had grilled earlier that evening but we hadn’t eaten yet and had cooked for a friend of ours also that was coming back for theirs. The friends BM told my husband she was fixing to go eat, he told her no, cause we hadn’t even eaten yet and not all of it was ours.. so she does it anyway, but he doesn’t say anything to her. At this point I’m trying to settle a baby fighting her sleep so I really wasn’t studying her.

Finally get baby to sleep but she’s not a heavy sleeper so I didn’t wanna move to go put her in bed at first and apparently after sitting there with her a while I must have dozed off.. he woke me up and told me to go put her in the bed and go to bed and I told him I would here in a minute cause she had halfway woken up too. Finally go put her in bed and I go ahead and eat so I don’t have as much to do after company leaves, then sat down watching the news rerun (at this point it’s nearly midnight) trying to let my food settle and make sure it wasn’t going to cause me trouble (I just had my gallbladder out a little over a month ago)

Apparently I dozed off again. This time I did get up and go on to get ready for bed and all, but once I actually went to lay down I couldn’t go to sleep.

Get up this morning and get ready, get baby ready and head to work like normal, everything was fine.

But now apparently I “embarrassed him” by dozing off accidentally and not listening and by not saying something to her about not eating after he told her to, even though I was a little busy at the time.

So he halfway has told me that when I get home tonight I’ve gotta pack my stuff and get out.. but I doubt it’s gonna happen unless I decide that’s my best option. Just pissed because we can do/say whatever and I can’t say anything even if it does embarrass me or whatever.. but I do/don’t do something unintentionally and it’s the end of the dang world apparently