78yr grandma wants to drive with toddler

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Hey Girls, need your feedback. You always give it to me straight! 🤣🤣

My mom watches my 2yr old daughter 3 days a week. I pay her in return. She’s a very active 78 year old. She has been fine watching my daughter at home for the last 2 years.

In the last week she expressed that she was upset that I don’t let her drive my daughter anywhere. My in-laws do drive my daughter 2 days a week as they pick her up from my home and drop her off. They are in their 60’s and there are two of them watching my daughter. They occasionally take my daughter out.

In honestly, I am worried that my mom would have trouble managing my daughter right now - sheesh she can be a handful for me out and about too! My daughter is so active and is still grasping listening and knowing her surroundings.

My mom also didn’t talk to me about her issues with any sort of sense... it was like an angry outburst and an attack on her ability to do things. (Maybe a common insecurity for seniors?)

Am I being unfair to my mom by letting my in-laws drive? Am I being a total nervous freak?

I was thinking of maybe finding a little class nearby that my mom could take her too as a way to start being comfortable with it before saying ok driver her anywhere and everywhere?

Thoughts please!?!?