Expecting my second and need help managing nausea until I can see the doctor


Just found out we are expecting our 2nd child (I’m probably about 6 weeks and have not seen a doctor yet). My last pregnancy was very rough in the beginning, I was puking all the time and lost 11 lbs. I literally slept on a dog bed for several months until the weight loss was enough for the doctors to take me seriously. This time around I have a toddler and my husband does work from home but he has to travel often and also obviously cannot be expected to be out with us because he’s-ya know-actually working haha.

I would just like advise on what I can do. I’m currently not throwing up but feel pretty low key nauseous all day unless I’m eating something salty. Also, what can I do with my daughter so I don’t feel like such a turd that I can’t play with her as much? TIA