Sick with a 7 week old

So I am my sons primary care taker. Dad is here, but is no help. He refuses to do anything because he works and pays the bills, so he just wants to watch football and play with the dog while ignoring us. He doesn’t want to get close to our son and keeps saying it’s not his- he 100% is and this baby was actually planned he is just looking for excuses to not help.

Anyway. Yesterday my sickness started. When he got home from work I told him I wasn’t feeling good and asked if he could please watch the baby because I don’t want to be around him and get him sick. It turned into a HUGE fight. I packed my things and told him I’m tired of the way he treats me and his son, to tell me where to go for a dna test and that I’m done. He got mad and said I’m going to start more problems with him and my family if I leave, so he took his Harley to the bar for space.

So here I am. Sick with strep throat, a fever, a period, a runny nose, and a seven week old baby with only his first set of hospital shots.

What do I do? I’m so scared my son is going to get sick and die.