Advice for my brother


I'm not exactly sure where to start but I am hoping to get some advice for my brother. My brother has 4 children and 1 on the way. Ages 17, 16, 8 and 2 The teens are from his first marriage, the younger 2 are from his second. Baby on the way is with his fiance.

He was a single parent for years for the oldest two. He could pick out clothes, french braid hair, buy tampons and was just an excellent Mr. Mom. His first wife was and continues to be a dead beat drug addict hypochondiac who rarely keeps a job. She only has an on/off relationship with the 17year old.

It has become clear that the 17 year old (lets call her Amy) has inherited some of her mother's mental health issues and a victim mentality. Safely, despite having a super close knit suppportive family helping raise her. She's had great vacations, family at every acomplishment ceremony, recital, band, flag girl appearance, Christmas, you name it.

Sadly, she acts out when she doesn't get her way. It started as a small child. Tantrums where she would run from teachers, screaming fits and so on. As sye got older, her mom would try to coax her to live with her. Getting her to make accusations against my brother.

Incident 1. He was watching her i the shower at age 14ish. (Mom already had the police on the way after getting her to say it.)

2. She was 16. Saying he watches her undress and hits her. Ran away to her mom's. Changed schos. Tried to get a no contact order. Berated him on social media. Then begged to come home when mom thru her out because of drugs and fighting.

Nothing every came against my brother on these. He truly is a good dad. He has tried to get her into therapy, work with her, encourage her. She has some deep seeded issues that make her lash out.

Now to current day. She has ran away again and living at a friend's house. Wrecked and abandoned the car he helped buy her and is mad that her sister got a car.

3. Yeserday. She has told people he touches his two year old son.

She turns 18 in a few weeks. At this point my brother is done with her. We are trying to figure out how to stop her contant slander when she gets angry about things that unsettle her. Can he file a restaining order? We're at the point that it has to stop. No more forgive and forget. Any advice would be welcomed.

A side note is that the other children are thriving. Happy healthy kids. I think this chaps her ass even more which is sad. We've all tried to support her and reassure her. I think she might be narcissist coupled with bipolar disorder.