Champagne Wedding Dress - opinions!


Hi All!

So I said yes to the dress!! But it isn’t white, it’s champagne.

I never thought i would go for something not white but it looks so amazing and nothing else i tried on (at four different shops) felt right.

This is my first wedding and i cannot wait! It is a wedding by the ocean in California, in a ballroom, in which all the colors of the venue are navy blue and beige. I am thinking an all navy bridal party too :)

However, I’m starting to have second thoughts about the color after a few people have acted shocked to hear I’m not doing the “traditional” white color.

I am not someone who steps out of the box, which is again why this was unique that i picked this one.

Now i don’t know what to do. Should i get a second dress for the reception that’s white? Should i not give a F because its my wedding and who cares that it’s not traditional? Should i stop caring all together because

no one will even notice it’s not white?

I need honest opinions. Here are some photos of me in it. It still needs to be fitted (taken in on top and sleeves adjusted). I also purchase the cathedral length veil in the photos to go with it :)

Thank you so much ladies, i appreciate your help!