Daily routine - Baby needs more sleep! Help!


My baby will be 6 months in a couple of weeks, and I've been concerned for a while that she isn't getting enough sleep. I think it's all due to my work schedule sucking and she takes on average 40mins to nurse. Here is our daily schedule:

5am - Wake up, change her diaper, dress her, nurse her and give her the liquid vitamin (she never wakes for an overnight feeding so my boobs are pretty full)

6am - While I get ready, she either naps or plays in the exersaucer. 50% of the time she goes back to sleep.

715am - Drop her off at daycare or a family member's house. (Sporadic nap times but I do think she naps enough but not overly.)

3pm - Husband picks her up from daycare. They bond at home (rarely does she nap for him).

530pm-ish - I get home from work and nurse her. After that we play/bond etc. (While I scarf down dinner.)

By 8pm: (if it's not bath night) I change her diaper and put her into her sleeper, nurse her, put her in her sleep sack. Then, my husband and I read her a book. After that we lay her down to sleep. She's usually asleep by 9pm.

The problem is she's only getting 8hrs of sleep where most experts say she should get 11 hours of sleep. If the morning schedule stays the same, that means I need to put her to bed right after I nurse her when I get home from work. So, what? I just never see my baby except for the weekends?! 😣 I know giving bottles takes less time, but I love nursing her and would rather not change that.

How do you have enough time to nurse, bond/play/spend QT with her, but still allow her to get enough sleep?! What is your routine? What should I consider changing?

Please note: My only idea is to get ready at 5am then feed her around 630am, but will all of my milk leak in the shower, etc? Is that an irrational thought?