So I have been debating on what to do it’s almost been a year. Long story. So my friend since high school has always tried to one up me all the time and honestly I could care less.

So she cane down to visit my husband and I and we were going to have a threesum and have some fun well she is married and her husbands couldn’t come down with her as he had work. So he said her and I could do things but not my husband with is( this is what she told us) than we got drunk and we did stuff my husband was just in the room didn’t do anything her and I were. Than she jumps on my husbands face and I help him out , fast forward to the end she texted her husband after saying my husband did stuff to her which he didn’t as she sat on him. And her husband said she needed to come home so we got her a plane ticket and she went back. Next thing we know her husband goes to his work and tells him a no contact order for my husband and her to talk which was fine. But than she goes to his work and claims my husband rapped her just to save her marriage because her husband was so upset he was thinking of leaving . And recently she tried to reach out to me but I’m still on the edge talking to her since my husband could of went to prison cause she accused him of something he didn’t do.

I’ve thought about talking to her raging but I’m not sure.

Any ideas ?