So hello all , so after a year of not dating bc I needed to get myself together I decided to start in the process I met a gentleman that is a cop very nice and intellectual and that turned me on so much. But things with him was not adding up so I asked him from day one was he married have children he told me he has never been married and have no kids but something still didn’t feel right even after he stated this and I ask him several times so one night we go out and he gets out the car to go to the Atm machine and of course I Snoop I find his address and do a search finds a woman name on the deed once I find that I see she has his last name so than I went into public records and found the marriage license don’t man know once you purchase a house or get married it’s public records what a ass so as of today he has no clue that I have all this information document so the question is would you confront his about what you know or would you just block him. Either way I’m done regardless.