Choosing bridesmaids (long post)


Hello everyone,

So I'm seeking some advice. I'm getting married next year 10.2020. And I'm having a hard time coming up with decisions about brides maids. I'm looking for 3-4 bridesmaids, with my twin sister being my maid of honor. I've got a couple of friends who I was think of asking who I was close to during school. But during college with drifted, but have remained in touch through internet. Those girls are nice, I'm just not sure they'd want to do so.

Another is my sister in law. My brothers girlfriend and my 2 nieces would be my flower girls. The only issue is they stay at a distance from the family due to a falling out with my mother when my first niece was born, it's a long story. It's taken a lot to build a relationship with them and be able to see my 2 beautiful nieces.

My mother doesn't seem to on board with this, an has even offered a couple of older family friends and her 2 little girls as substitutes. Which I hate to be mean, but I really would love to have my nieces as part if my wedding instead of friends of the family. If I went that way I'd go with my friend's little girl.

So any advice is welcome. I'm just struggling with how the heck do you pick bridesmaids.