My guy friend got dumped 4 months ago. I was the one that was there for him when no one else was. Literally no one else was. I would hang out with him every weekend, we would message all day everyday, we were close. I had him over on Halloween, Christmas, New Years and even my birthday (and he bought me a heart bracelet). A little over a week ago I admitted to him I had feelings for him because I thought he was giving me signals he liked me too. He told me he wasn’t ready and he didn’t want to hurt me and he valued our friendship. I told him I just needed a couple of days to myself to pretty much process everything. Then I finally messaged him again two days later asking if we could talk about it in person so I can truly let my feelings go and we can remain friends. He blew it off the day we were supposed to talk. He “fell asleep” he said. I saw him two days ago with some other friends of ours (we have a friend group and this was the first time since I admitted my feelings seeing him) and I felt like everything was back to normal, we were back to messaging nonstop like normal too. Then today he left me on read, which he has never done before and I was confused. I then saw on another girls story that he’s hanging out with an old ex (not the one that broke up with him 4 months ago but one he dated a year or so ago). I’m honestly so mixed up. I’m both mad and sad. I was there for him when no one else was and the second another girl comes into his life he’s going to drop me THAT quick. I feel like he’s going to message me tomorrow or something, maybe he won’t I have no idea, but I know what he’s going. He’s trying to push me away, and he’s trying to get with this girl even though he told me he wasn’t ready for anything with me when I admitted I had feelings for him. I feel used. I feel like he used me to get better and now that he does feel better he doesn’t need me. I feel like an idiot. He told me he cares about me but he has made me look like a complete moron. What was I to him?

If its any context I just turned 19 and he’s about to turn 18. I’ve known him for a total of 6 months, maybe a little longer, but we’ve only been close for 4 months

EDIT!!!: I appreciate the comments. It’s really eye opening. I do value our friendship a lot. I guess I just don’t know what to do now. I feel like he’s distancing from me since I told him I had feelings for him, but I’m letting them go. I do want to keep our friendship, it means too much to me and even though my feelings are hurt I do want him to be happy no matter what he does. I don’t know how to address this I guess and get our friendship back on track. I can’t force him to remain friends with me of course I know that but if he just feels awkward about everything I don’t know how to fix it. I do still feel like he hasn’t handled this the right way