Pregnant forever????


Hey guys, 39+2 and literally feeling I will never give birth lol. Anyone else not really getting signs? I've had period cramps on and off for weeks!! Millions of Braxton Hicks but nothing stronger. No show, over here we don't get examined for dilation etc until in labour so no idea what's going on down there πŸ™„

I've ate too many Currys, used clary sage oil, 3 caulophyllum powders (homeopathic), bounced my nights away on the ball, walked (which gave intense lightening crotch.. ouchhh... then nothing!! πŸ™ˆ) .. I've even succumbed and 'Done the Deed' which delighted DH but angered me when it proved pointless πŸ˜‚

I love seeing all the gorgeous babies here but when will it be myyyyyy turnnnnn??!!

Also... I'm aware I'm not 40wks yet but every day feels like a month and I went early with my first 2 so I feel like it's never ending at this stage lol