I got manipulated and i don’t know what to do.


i am only 13. I met a girl and i became really friendly with her. I’ll call her Jen for now. She was more than acquaintance, she was more like a close friend. One night she asked me to come to her house and have a sleepover. At first i said i couldn’t because my parents couldn’t drive me. Jen then said she would pick me up and take care of it all. My parents were okay with it. when we got to her house she showed me around and we just chilled in her room for a while. She hoped on omegle, that site where you talk to strangers, and asked me to join in with her. So i did. We talked to this guy for a while and literally shared our life stories. The fact that (at the time, know that this happened around November) i hadn’t had my first kiss came up. The guy we were talking to said that Jen should teach me and what not because she has kissed a lot of people. We were okay with it. So we got off of omegle and then we just started making out. It was really nice and unforgettable. Although she took it a step further. She laid me down on her bed and got on top of me. She proceeded to kiss me, touch me, and so much more. Jen demanded for me to spread my legs. I did, before this happened i had never had any sexual intercourse therefore, i thought that i had had to do everything the other person said to do, knowing i was the submissive one in the situation. She started grinding on me and took off my shirt. She then fingered me and i just kept quite the entire time. While on top she even said, “you have no idea how long i’ve been waiting for this,” Thinking that since she got to do all that stuff to me, i asked if she could just do other simple things. Right after that she stopped everything. We just laid there. Jen then said that we were a thing and that we were dating. I said “that’s fine.” When we got back to school the next week she started treating me like shit. Some of our friends knew what happened. Jen just started being mean and a bitch. And proceeded to say that she wasn’t ready to date a girl. But then she would be really nice and then a bitch again. And to this day it’s the same ongoing cycle. I don’t know what to do at this point because it’s been months since it happened. My friend just helped come to the realization of what she did. Now, i have a boyfriend and i’m terrified of the same thing happening. If i couldn’t handle a situation like this with a girl, i don’t think i could handle a situation like this happening with a guy. Do you guys have any advice on what to do now ? should i just let it be and forget about what happened ?

edit: my boyfriend has done nothing to me. he is an amazing guy and respects me more than anyone. i’m just afraid that the same thing could happen even though i know he wouldn’t do that to me.