Quit Job Via Text Before It Started


Long! Thanks for reading 😊

I applied for a job in December and wasn’t chosen (a nanny position). The mother called me the beginning of this month saying the other nanny had quit and asked if I still wanted the job. I said yes, met the family twice at their home and spent time with the kids. Kids are great. They asked for a year commitment and explained I would work 11/12-5. I told them about my business I’m starting April but it would be part time.

A few red flags:

🚩kids tell me they’ve had tons of nannies

🚩parents are completely overworked and scattered. Said they need me to be the reliable one.

🚩they want me to leave my car at their office, drive their car to their house, pick up the kids, they drive my car back to the house or they drive me home

🚩requests get longer every conversation. First I start at 11/12. Then 11. Then asked to pick the car up at 10:30.

🚩ask what weekends I’m free so they can ask me to watch the kids the weekends they want to go skiing

🚩ask if I like to cook, then suggest I could make dinner as a treat, then say they expect dinner to be ready at 5 every night.

After a few days before I knew it wasn’t right. I don’t feel comfortable with someone else driving my car, they’re too disorganized for me. I’m supposed to start on Tuesday (today).

Yesterday, Monday I quit. I sent a text explaining how I can’t commit for a full year and how I realize how much time I’ll need to focus on my business which I start in April (she knew about this and all of this is true). Rightfully so she’s upset but asks if she can pay me more for the next few weeks. I don’t answer (I know I know bad form, I’m cringing at my own bad behaviour - my anxiety really got the best of me).

Anyway I keep getting texts from her today saying she needs to meet up, saying she needs her sons math sheet I accidentally took home (she doesn’t... it’s a simple explanation of addition and subtraction) and then sent me a text ABOUT ME and then apologized saying it was for someone else.

I just want to ghost her and forget it all. It seems like so much unnecessary discomfort to phone or meet up with her to give her this math sheet back. I think she’s looking for a reason to meet with me to chew me up. I know I was in the wrong texting last minute. What would you do now?