9 days late on MIRENA?



Hello to whoever reads this.

I need your help..

I’ve been on Mirena (IUD) for 10 months now and I’ve never missed a period since on it. My period has been irregular unfortunately but it has been this way since I had my 1 almost 2 year old.

Last month I’ve been feeling SO PREGNANT but since it’s hormonal those are the side effects. I did get my period on the 10th of December and it was (sorry if it’s TMI) a medium flow until it left the building.

This month January I was expecting it around the same week I had last gotten my period and It never showed. I did spot!! For 3 days and it was only a wipe of blood I would go pee and wipe, oh look spotting, then go again after 2 hours and nothing for the rest of the day carrying over the 3 day period. Until the 4th day! I spotted the most disgusting dark brown substance in my underwear, I’ve never seen anything like it. I did take pictures but since its too TMI some might get the picture and hope y’all can help me!! I’m new to the IUD world.

Anyway I’m not finished.. 😓

On the 15th I had this sharp upper pain in the middle of my abdomen and the pain went down to my pelvic area and I swear with that pain I felt my IUD. This pain lasted between 3-6 mins and if I walked it attacked me with more pain until I laid on my left side it happened twice that night.

I know miss Mirena is in the correct place, my strings are coiled up and I can feel the hard part of the IUD shape. I really don’t know if that’s what I’m suppose to feel or not but when I couldn’t feel the strings I panicked and double checked then felt the hard part and slowly felt the strings coiled together hiding.

Help me ☹️ any pro advice from those ladies with IUD’s ? All are welcomed!

Share any experiences if you can’t help, I’d love to hear your IUD encounters.