Sharing my traumatic birth story ❤️


So I’m a little late on sharing my birth story. I was due with my daughter on October 29th and was scheduled for an induction on that day.

On Friday October 26th I started feeling sick. Sick as in I have the flu sick. I couldn’t keep anything down , I was running a fever and I had the worst headache I’ve ever experienced. That night I decided to take a bath and try to relax. Nothing I did worked. I went all night not sleeping battling regular pregnancy pains and also having the flu.

Forward to Saturday October 27th. I hadn’t felt my daughter move since the night before. I was having pains in my stomach which I assumed was from puking so much. I decided to take a shower and eat something and if I still didn’t feel her move I would head to the hospital. So after about an hour I decided to go cause at this point I was scared. We got to L&D around 1030 am. My OB was the one on call so I was relieved that she was there to check in my baby. They hooked me up and could see I was having contractions but they weren’t strong and weren’t consistent. My OB came in and checked my cervix and I was 2cm and 70% effaced and my membranes were bullying. She told me to go home and get fluids in me and to relax and she would see me on Monday for my induction. So I head home and decide to eat something and just relax. At around 4 pm I had terrible back cramping so I started timing them and realized I was in fact having back labour. So I was in excruciating pain as I have back issues so the pain from that and the contractions was overwhelming. Around 730 I went to get a bottle of water and boom my water breaks. And I’m like ok it’s go time. Scared and anxious I get

My mom and my sisters and we head to the hospital.

When I got there I had the rudest nurse check me in “ are you sure your water broke” like yes lady it’s pouring out of me. My OB was still there so she came in and checked me out and told the nurse to get the anesthesiologist in so I could get my epidural cause I was a 7. So we do all that and time is going by and I still haven’t dilated any further. They started pitocin and hoped that it would help. So nothing was happening. Except I could see my curse growing concerned. She was watching my daughters heart rate. Finally she said I’m going to grab the doctor. She came in and explained to me that my contractions are regulating and when they are strong they are causing her heart rate to drop. As a FTM I’m terrified at this point. My doctor assured me all was good. So the nurse decided to check me and realized I was fully dilated on the right side but a 9 on the left.

Then all hell broke loose. The machine started going off and my heart rate sky rocketed as my daughters was dropping to the low 40s. There were nurse running everywhere and having inappropriate conversations in front of me. They let me start pushing be use I needed to get her out. I started pushing at 6:10 am and felt like I was getting no where. THEN AT 6:28 The nurse then shouted “ we need to get her in for a section of this baby is going to die” my heart started beating harder and harder and I couldn’t breath. All I kept thinking was my baby is going to die. My OB told her to shut up and leave. She came to the side of the bed and said “

I know you’re scared but you can do this. I need some big pushes so you can see your beautiful baby can you do that for me, I’m going to let you push for 10 more minutes and then I’m going to have to do a c-section “ in that moment I knew what I had to do. 9 minutes later my beautiful daughter Rémi Nicole was born. She was blue but alive. Her cord was wrapped around her neck 2 times and every time I was contracting it was tightening which was making her heart rate drop. I have never been more scared in my life.

I was so close to losing her and I’m so happy my OB kicked that nurse out so I could focus and get the job done. I had a ton of tearing but it didn’t matter because she was alive.

Thank you for reading if you made it this far ❤️❤️

Rémi Nicole

October 28th, 2018