Advice anyone?


Ladies I need some advice. So all of my family except my parents live out of state, anywhere from 2-8 hours away.

So when thinking about our baby shower I decided to have it in my hometown about 2 hours away since my SOs family is here. So honestly it’s still more of a drive for most of my family but I tried my best to pick a central location.

My SIL messaged me last night and asked me if we would be having one or two showers and I told her (as I had already done) we would be having one shower in PA. This escalated to her saying that she wont be coming (which I understand because she will have a 2 month old baby and two other young children) and I said that was okay. And explained my reasoning for having it there.

She then asked me “well what about our side of the family” And I said (again) they all would be invited. My grandmother has said she would open her home to them so if they didn’t want to do the four hour trip there and back in one day they could stay with her. Her response? “Not to be mean but no one in my family will drive 2 hours for a baby shower”

Keep in mind I have people coming from my side that far or further for our GENDER REVEAL and the baby shower.

So long story short, “no one is driving that far for a shower” so now I’m getting a second shower I don’t want. I don’t at all want to sound ungrateful because it is nice of them to offer but I don’t like that it wasn’t a question of “well maybe we could throw you a shower here if you wouldn’t mind” it was literally “I’m throwing one here for my family and friends tell me when your other one is so that I can plan it.”

I’m just frustrated and feel like I can’t say anything and he won’t. What would you do?