I didn't think before I sat...


Sooo I was feeling productive and decided to get down on the floor and go through the rest of our Baby Shower gifts, break down bottles to wash, and get our book shelf organized.

So once I'm done, I get a message from my bestie asking something specific that I didnt remember so I need to get up and check before I get back with her. Sounds simple enough lol

NOPE! Lol I have struggled with SPD this entire pregnancy which means simple tasks that involve my legs coming apart even in the slightest makes it feel like my hips are going to break in half! So after 15 minutes of wiggling and hoisting myself up backwards on my recliner...i FINALLY make it off the floor lol

Now my energy is gone, my hips are killing me, and I am so sad lol all because I didn't think before I sat