Baby Shower Cancelled

Ellie • Lauren Rozella-Mae 3.11.19 💖

Hi all, just looking for some kind words of encouragement and support because I'm feeling extremely hurt... My MIL was going to host a baby shower for us and yesterday morning she called and said no one from my FIL side (they're divorced) will be attending, not even my FIL. There have been ongoing issues between that side of the family and my husband/me for various reasons, but I never expected they'd take their childish bullshit to this level. I reached out to all of them and said I think it's really sad none are willing to get together to celebrate the new addition to the family and the responses I got back were so hurtful. Just a bunch of lies and switching up the story to make it about them. I told my husband that in light of the last 4 years of them treating me like shit and now this I'm done and want none of them in my or my daughter's life going forward. I ended up in therapy last year to learn how to cope with the anxiety and depression I developed from them and in refuse to go back there or subject my daughter to their shit and risk her mental health. My husband seems on board, but hesitant.. I want to tell him he needs to cut them off too, but I know that's unfair and unreasonable since they are his family. I'm just worried about this causing future problems for us if it's not properly addressed by him and they continue to be bullies towards me and my family..