How do I nicely tell my aunt to stop?

My aunt always buys things on sale for my 15 month old like food, toys and clothes. Which would be nice but the food is always expired by atleast a month, the toys are always broken and heavily used and the clothes are full of puke or food stains. Im afraid to annouce Im pregnant with my 2nd because I know she'll buy me more heavily used baby teethers and formula puke stained onesies. I always end up throwing over half the stuff she buys my son away because its expired or too dirty or broken to use. She bought him used teether toys??? How do I nicely tell her I don't want her to buy him things anymore, I don't want to sound ungrateful but most of the things just arent safe or clean.

She just brought a bunch of stuff over yesterday with 12/08/2018 dates