Preeclampsia With Past Pregnancy Now Pregnant AGAIN!!

Valerie 🌻 W. • Valerie W.

So I’ve had postpartum pre-e with my daughter that’s now 2 didn’t go away til my 7 week check up but they say my blood pressure always ran 120/80 the whole pregnancy. So my question is how many of you women had pre-e with a past pregnancy and didn’t have it again with the next ? Yes it’s with the same father as my daughter and what should I do to keep from it happening or helping it keep maintained . I’m really scared and don’t know when to start to track my blood pressure again to make sure that won’t happen or if I see a change I can let my ob know . And is there meds they can give me during this pregnancy early to keep from having a premature baby due to blood pressure??? Full of questions with a women that has experience. Please