**Preterm labor and stories please post!!


This is my second pregnancy with a baby girl. It’s been a rough one for me had strong painful BH or false labor at 28 weeks. I’ve been closely monitored since 28 weeks because I was 3 weeks behind in measurement. Had a ultrasound they said she was in the 14% percentile and wanted me to come back in a month for another check in.

32 weeks pregnant, Saturday I felt her drop I could hardly making it to the bed with the amount of pressure and pain hit me. Whole day in bed helped next day I felt ok but my mucus plus came out.

Go to my appointment she checks me I’m dilated to a 1 now and her measurements are in the 14% still but had growth she’s only 3 pounds. Doctor said I have to come back in a week because the blood pressure or flow from the placenta to the baby was high and it shouldn’t be.

She told me to get the steroid shot, 2 within 24 hours of each other.

My symptoms now are insomnia, diarrhea, loss appetite, on and off cramps.

Those who had babies early before 37 weeks can you share your preterm labor stories and situation.

Did you baby have NICU time due their size? Lung issues?