Lost a suture needle after 4th degree tear?!?

I had a very complicated birth that resulted in my daughter getting stuck in my pelvis/shoulder dystocia, an episiotomy resulting in a 4th degree tear and a couple days in the NICU. After they had stitched up my tear (took almost an hour) they realized they were missing a suture needle...

As I was in and out of consciousness because of how much blood I had lost and the pain I was in, my husband carrying our newborn and all the staff in the room were scouring every inch of that delivery room to find it. They never did.. so they ordered an X-ray and that was such an excruciating procedure also. They lifted me in the most forceful way to slide part of the X-ray machine under me. I couldn’t move at all because of the amount of pain I was in. It was awful. They didn’t find anything on the X-ray and they never ended up finding the suture needle as far as I know. This was only one of many terrible experiences we had at this hospital. SO DISAPPOINTED ☹️ all of this occurred back in May and I’m still traumatized by our birth and hospital experience..

Should I have taken any action against them because of this? I didn’t think I had any sort of lawsuit on my hands because it didn’t end up being inside of me. I don’t ever like to be that type of person but the way this hospital ran was unbelievable.