How did you get your baby to sleep better?

0leanderTea • Mama to Miles Bruce and Mabel Alexandra❤️

I need advice. I’ve read everything on the internet and I cannot get my baby to sleep better at night. He’s 7 months today and he has been waking roughly 3 times a night for months now. I feel like he hasn’t slept well since his four month sleep regression. He is formula fed now, I weaned him from breastfeeding about a month ago because my supply got too low. We moved him into his own room a few weeks ago hoping he’d sleep better but he isn’t. I usually put him to bed around 7:30-8 after a bottle. He’s usually drowsy and falls asleep pretty quickly. He sleeps till roughly 12 or 1 then wakes up and cries. Just this past weekend we started weaning him from his middle of the night feeds and his night crying has gotten worse. But everything I’ve read says at 7 months there should be no physical need for him to eat in the middle of the night. We have taken to giving him a pacifier and a little bit of soothing (maybe a minute or two, not picking him up) and then leaving his room, and sometimes he just cries and cries. It was two hours on Saturday night, with small periods of us going in, giving his pacifier, soothing a tiny bit, then leaving again. I have NO IDEA what else to do. Both my husband and I work full time and exhausted is an understatement. Please, what worked for you?

Note: I realize he could be teething but this disruption in sleep has been going on for months. He still has no teeth actually cutting as of yet. I don’t think he’s overly gassy and not sick.