I dont want to be a nice girl anymore...

I'm done being too polite and not answering back and people walking all over me. Just to avoid arguments... I come up with answers later.... I have always been like this ... 😢

I let them effect me so easily....and then next time I'll be polite again 🤯 I never learn! What do I do to change myself!!??!

How do I say no and not feel bad about it. Be confident in saying my opinion and not feel anxious or wrong about it.

I have my baby coming in 2 months I desperately need these skills in me to set boundaries, I live with my in-laws, I'm even scared to tell my husband that I want to move out straight off as soon as our house is done.

What do I do differently? I'm just such an anxious panicky person who lets people walk over her ... How do I change??? I'm at a loss... Too emotional with all these pregnancy hormones. And I miss my family sooo much!