14 week old won’t sleep


My baby has never slept more than 3 hours straight other than two times. I am exhausted and on my own since my boyfriend works so much and we both don’t have any family around.

I have been doing a routine for a month now and she still isn’t getting any better. I breast fed but started trying powder formula and liquid formula in the evenings and before bed.

We’ve tried gas drops, teething drops, swaddling, zipper sacks including a $50 zen one thatvwas suppose to make her sleep.. money grab., anyway we have tried everutbing.

She has a bath around 7:30/8 then usually a bottle of formula 4.5 oz and some breast until she falls asleep.

Last night she wouldn’t sleep until mid night even though she only napped a total of 1.5 hours yesterday (I tried to force naps but she wasn’t having it!!)

After she slept at 12 she woke at 2:30 and again at 4:30.. it’s 5 am and I’m just so fed up :( I know she’s in pain from teething but I don’t feel it’s good to give Advil or Tylenol every day.

On a good day she naps when she wants but I try to keep her awake after 6, then she is asleep by 9. The thing is, she always wakes within 40 mins or so crying. She is easy to go back to sleep unless she’s in her crib.

I don’t know what else to try but I want her to start sleeping in her crib in her room and also sleep longer so I’m not runnng back and forth