13 reasons why...


Reasons why I cannot wait until we are done saving to get out of my MIL’s and FIL’s house. Which they are begging us to stay because they cannot let go of their baby boy.

1. I want my own kitchen I can cook in and clean how I want.

2. If I hear my MIL complain about having to clean the litter box one more time I am going to go insane. You had this cat for 15 years before you decided that he was “my” cat without asking me. Just because you are sick of him.

3. I am pregnant and cannot clean a litter box. Especially for a cat that was not mine and still is not mine.

4. If I hear “your cat woke me up” one more time I am going to go crazy! The reason he does this is because YOU started feeding him wet food every morning and now he wines for it. Now I have to get up at god awful hours because you spoiled him.

5. If my husband and I decide we want to do something we are not going to listen to the “But why?” “You should do it this way instead.” It drives me bonkers! We are adults we will do whatever we are doing the way we want and we do not need your permission.

6. Our baby boy is going to be OUR baby no living out your fantasies of having another child because he is in fact our child. I already know you are going to try to dictate how we raise him because you do the same to your daughter and I’m not sure how she deals with it. Living with you is going to make this hell for me.

7. Stop talking over me at all times! I will try to say something and then you have to put your words in over mine. I have just learned not to talk.

8. My back is killing me because of this pregnancy yet you still insist I sweep and mop the floor when you dictate.

9. When I talk to my husband about properties and houses I have found that fit our criteria I am sick of hearing “But, you can live here forever.” Then act all sad and make me and my husband feel bad. Now I’m not allowed to talk about it in front of you...

10. Thank you so much for giving us a place to stay until we find the house/land we are dreaming of, but please realize that we are both adults and cannot live with you forever!

11. If I leave the room for two seconds and you turn off the ceiling fan because of “electricity” and it’s hot as balls in my room because you keep the thermostat so high, then i have every right to be annoyed. Especially since I always turn off the lights and fan when I leave the house or if I am leaving the room for more than 10 min. Even though you leave on the basement light and your bathroom fan all day.

12. You know that when my husband and I are in the room to leave us alone yet we still hear you screaming my husbands name for something that can wait! Then you walk up to the door and say “stop having sex!” When we are very quiet and you just want to be heard. You wanted a grandchild am I right???

13. Lastly, I cannot wait to have our own place so I can F^*k whenever and wherever we please without a cock block 24/7.

That felt so good to write down and rant! I love my MIL and FIL, but living with them is not working for me. We are so close to buying land and building a house or buying a house I can taste it! If you are having some issues and need to rant just write it out however you want because I can tell you it is such a relief to get it out.