Feeling stressed as baby won’t drink properly!


Hi all, my little girl is nearly 10weeks, and she is suddenly over the last few days, being so difficult at feeds. I know she must be hungry but she really battles against taking the bottle. She squirms and wriggles and cries so much - before I’ve even put the teat near her! Almost as if it’s psychological, as when I sit her on my knee in position she starts screaming!

She was feeding fine before this, although has suffered with wind and reflux, but this seems to happen randomly and not all the time so I don’t think it’s that. She has been sick on occasions, which also seems to go through phases. Have put her on gaviscon as prescribed by docs but not noticed much difference with that. Have read different theories that it could be oral thrush - but I struggle to look in her mouth properly! Or even teething!? But that seems far too early?!

Is anyone else going through the same? Am getting so stressed and upset over it now, and scared i might lose my cool at her! I dread feeding her! 😩