Busiest times of year for labour and delivery ward?

Sarah • Canadian mama 🇨🇦 married 3 years, Benjamin Mark born 04/04/2019 Lost Charlotte at 24 weeks to stillbirth on 02/06/21 👼

Anyone know what months have the most babies born? Maybe even stats from Canada or Ontario?

I was talking to a girl I worked with that had two babies at the hospital I’m giving birth at, and she told me some hopefully good news!

In Canada it’s free to give birth in the hospital, and at my hospital you get a private suite with a tub and a couch for your hubby to sleep on and family can visit since it’s such a big room. But once you give birth you might be moved to another room that you share with one or possibly more other women. Unless you want to pay an extra $200 a night for a private room.

But my work friend just said she got to stay in the private suite she gave birth in for free until she was discharged from the hospital because the labour ward wasn’t busy and they didn’t need the room! She said it happened with both of her kids.

I’m due March 24 and hoping that it isn’t a busy time of year for births at the hospital so I get that awesome suite for free!